A gift box - including a Rose Quartz crystal candle, a wax melt burner, four tea lights and three wax melt snap bars. The snap bars are scented in baby shampoo, pure comfort and bedtime baby. Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love. It is a very soothing, nurturing stone that will help balance emotions and form strong emotional connections. Each box will come gift wrapped with ribbon.

The New Baby Gift Box

  • Simply take one or two hearts or break a section of the snap bar off and pop it into your burner. Light a 4 hour tea light and put it in your burner. The wax melt will melt and give off a strong, long lasting scent. Once finished, simply blow out your candle and let the wax harden in the burner. The wax can then be remelted until the scent starts to fade. Typically, each heart/chunk of snap bar will last anywhere between 6-10 hours. This will depend on your chosen scent and burner.


    Once finished - replace your wax with a new wax melt and enjoy!

    The easiest way to change your wax is to light your tea light and leave it for 30 seconds. The wax should then easily slide out of the burner. Clean with a cotton pad and put a new melt into burn.

    Never leave a candle unattended. Do not eat. Keep away from children and pets.